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Hiromichi Sakamoto
being interviewed in
We Don’t Care About Music Anyway (2009)
Cédric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz

Hiromichi Sakamoto
being interviewed in
We Don’t Care About Music Anyway (2009)
Cédric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz

Bilbo has to deal with so much shit.GAH.

dragoooooon: I am fire. I am death.
hobbit be like: shiii o_o “What.. have we done?”

I can’t wait till The Battle of the Five Armies is released this upcoming Winter 2014.

True Grain

I’m trying to rap my head around the fact that I haven’t shot film this entire Summer thus far. (In other words, I’ve yet to.) Digital is (obviously) great and all but if I go another freaking week without shooting film I’m going to start feeling particularly odd and unlike myself.
I need more high contrast b&w Ilford film.
I need more Kodak color film. MOAER.

Note / Blog

Maybe I’m really only just pseudo-humanitarian.
Anyway, there are so many branches of ethics that I wouldn’t even know where to go with this, let alone where to begin. I haven’t read up enough about axiological ethics or even deontological ethics, but I will say that I think that they may both be necessary. I suppose I don’t exactly have the means to elucidate on this particular topic. In all of the time that I’ve been in college, I’ve only taken one philosophy class so I doubt I’m that well versed nor qualified for such a discussion. However, what I do believe in is that a healthy philosophy is at the very least a good philosophy.

Moving along, I think that a disagreement doesn’t have to be a challenge, if anything the challenge should be in trying to see where the person you are disagreeing with is coming from. If we were all the same, our personalities would all be too alike and life would be but one enormous bore. (Contrast, whether it be profound or not, it is always somewhere to be found.) Yes, we are supposed to be equal as a species, but when it comes to the mind itself, are any really alike? After all, even a million similarities are not enough to qualify as an exact duplication. So yes, I think it only right to believe in equality and I also think that something like this should really go without saying. Someone as insignificant as me understands this simple concept, isn’t that something! Just stating the obvious here, and I really shouldn’t have to reiterate this.

Track: Denney & the Jets - Fun Girls



By Zach Braun

Another worthy band from Nashville, you say? You bet. Denney & the Jets are a bunch of old fashioned, gritty Southern rock n’ roll rollers, heavily influenced by classic R&B and the Stones. Nothing pretentious or artsy here, just party-time music that you Natural Child fans will eat right up. In fact, Wes of NC was in an early incarnation of the band along with Jake and Jamin of JEFF The Brotherhood. They have a new self-titled five track EP out on CD from Limited Fanfare, and on tape from Burger. Stream “Fun Girls” below and check ‘em out on tour with The Growlers this fall, dates after the cut. 

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Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers


Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers


Tomoko Yoneda (1965- ). Scene series, C-type prints, 2000-2004.

From top:
1. Seascape - Location where Dr. Mengele drowned, Bertioga, Brazil
2. Path - Path to the cliff where Japanese committed suicide after the American landing of WWII, Saipan, Japan
3. Field - Location of the front line in Battle of Somme, Albert, France
4. Sniper View - View from Serbian sniper position overlooking the town of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Beach - Location of the D-Day Normandy Landing, Sword Beach, France

Yoneda, currently based in London, says, “History is not only apparent in tangible monuments or buildings, but also expresses itself impassively in various intangible ways. History surrounds us, in the blue sky, the blue sea, the woods, the fields and the city streets; it is already engraved upon the strata of landscape where we are born but it appears quiescent and disconnected from our thoughts…The comparison of the past with the present will lead us to renewal and hope.”



Alexis Vasilikos